Chinese Associations and Chinese Gangs

By Joshua Philipp
Epoch Times, October 22, 2008

It is known internationally and throughout the Chinese community in New York that numerous Chinese associations, also referred to as “tongs,” act as the fronts of gang and mafia-like organizations, and often work under the direct orders of the Chinese consulates.

In 1927, Mao Zedong, the first leader of the Chinese communist regime recommended utilizing the criminals of society. Mao said, “The social scum and hoodlums have always been spurned by the society, but they are actually the bravest, the most thorough and firmest in the revolution in the rural areas.”

The Chinese Communist party’s utilization of gangs, criminals, and thugs, as a way to meet its objectives carries on till this day.

A document published by the NIJ International Center, United Nation Activities, entitled “Chinese Transnational Organized Crime: The Fuk Ching,” by Dr. James Finckenauer, explains the relationship between Chinese associations and street gangs.

“One of the structural characteristics that makes Chinese organized crime different from other forms is the relationship between some of the street gangs and certain adult organizations. The latter are called tongs. The Fuk Ching, for example, are affiliated with the Fukien American Association,” says the document.

A research document published in 1999, also describes the connection of the various Chinese associations in New York with street gangs. The document, entitled, “Chinese People Smuggling (Part I-text),” was published by the Social Contract Press and was written by Mark Craig, on the Faculty of Law, Department of Justice Studies, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

The document discusses how the associations run in two different forms; one that deals in the political sphere, and one that engages in organized crime. According to the report, “There are two layers of social order in Chinatowns, legitimate and illegitimate. The legitimate social order regulates political, economic, and social behavior, while the illegitimate social order oversees criminal activities.”

The report continues by giving a few examples of the various Chinese associations and their affiliated gangs: “in New York City the major tongs are all associated with gangs. The Hip Sing is supported by the Flying Dragons, the On Leong by the Ghost Shadows, the Tung On by the Tung On Gang, and the Fukien American Association by the Fuk Ching.”

Association Members Attack Falun Gong

It is known through evidence that at least two of the Chinese associations in New York have involvement in the campaign of hate and violence against Falun Gong practitioners.

Inciting participation in this campaign is one use that the CCP has made of its United Front activities in New York. Consul General Peng Keyu was recorded by an investigator boasting that he had met with those involved in attacking Falun Gong and “encouraged” those involved in the Flushing violence.

On May 26, during a parade held by Falun Gong practitioners in Manhattan’s Chinatown, those participating in the parade were attacked by a large pro-CCP group, who threw objects at them, shouting death threats and insults.

Photographs taken during the incident reveal that one woman who was organizing the group is affiliated with the Fujian Association. The woman is shown in photos organizing the group that attacked the parade, arranging for them to hold Chinese communist flags, and passing a loudspeaker to a man who was leading the group in shouting slanderous slogans against those participating in the parade. On the loudspeaker is written in Chinese, “Council of Chinese-American Association.”

According to a blog published on, the Fujian Consolidated Benevolent Association (FCBA) has in the past rewarded attacking Falun Gong. A self-proclaimed FCBA member, under the screen name “Kingbank,” said, “I myself was caught by a media camera showing Falun Gong practitioners the middle finger in a major activity of Chinese people in 2004. Though it was not elegant, I was accepted by the FCBA as a member because of this.”

The President of the Northeast Hometown Association, Fang Yin, was photographed on Aug. 17, on East Broadway, Manhattan, holding a sign slandering Falun Gong next to a table set up with fliers and posters that also slander Falun Gong. Also photographed at this table was Shen Rong, who was later arrested after attacking Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing, and who now works at one of the tables in Flushing where propaganda attacking Falun Gong is distributed.

Victor Yau (a.k.a. Qiu Wei) is the founder and CEO of the Overseas Chinese Ethnic Foundation and has been heavily involved in the hate campaign against Falun Gong practitioners.

On June 8, while distributing hate propaganda against Falun Gong in Manhattan’s Chinatown, Yau had allegedly incited close to 20 people in an assault against an elderly woman who practices Falun Gong.

According to witnesses, the men had pulled the woman’s hair and slammed her over the head with a watermelon before fleeing the scene. While distributing fliers which contain propaganda attacking Falun Gong, Yau wore a billboard that slandered Falun Gong and traveled with various individuals who wore similar uniforms.

On June 21 Yau was arrested for allegedly attacking a Falun Gong practitioner with a steering wheel lock.

Yau was among those, along with Shen Rong, who met with John Liu in his office on June 30, the same meeting from which Liu kicked out the Falun Gong practitioners who had come to ask for protection from the likes of Yau.