CBS 11 News, Feb 26, 2007

Group Claims China Harvesting Members' Organs

Maria Arita

(CBS 11 News) PLANO The fastest growing spiritual movement in Asia is affecting people in Texas. Some world leaders have called it a new kind of evil.

A Plano group practices the controversial religion called. It's called Falun Gong. It borrows from Qi-Gong, an ancient medicinal practice.

Dr. Wenyi Wang is a journalist and activist at the University of Colorado, Mt. Sanai who follows Falun Gong. "You have to pay attention to both spiritually and physically," said Dr. Wang.

It was said to be so effective in healing, the Chinese embraced it for years. By 1999, Wang said, their membership had exploded to 100 million. That's 30 million more people than the Chinese Communist Party. That's when the trouble began.

In 1999, the Falun Gong movement was banned by the Chinese Communist Party as a cult citing heretical teachings by their leader Li Hongzi.

In 2006, the Epoch Times reported that organs were being harvested by the Chinese government from living Falun Gong prisoners. Dr. Wang protested the atrocities last year in Washington.

Former Secretary of State David Kilgour, a prominent human rights activist and prosecutor, launched an investigation. "Since the persecution of Falun Gong five years ago, the number of transplants has gone through the roof," he said. In a five year period, there have been about 41,500 organ transplants.

Harry Wu is a former Chinese prisoner and activist against Chinese prison corruption. "I don't deny that Falun Gong could be killed and organs could be donated, but I don't think the organ transplant relates to Falun Gong persecution," Wu said.

But Kilgour has taped conversations of people posing as patients calling Chinese hospitals. The doctors on the recording admit they can get organs from living people. These people practice Falun Gong.

Chen Guangda at the Chinese consulate in Houston denied the allegations. "The Chinese government never persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. We just outlawed Falun Gong because it is anti-social, anti-humanity and anti-science cult," Guangda said. "We just want to help them."

But help them how? "My parents, they were both 63-years-old, but they were sent to the forced labor camp," Plano resident Fu Chen said.

Her only hope might be Kilgour, who is prepared to call for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. "We simply want to make sure this practice stops immediately," he said. "People are dying literally as we speak." Even, he says, the very young.

(CBS 11 News)