Letter from Matas/Kilgour to the Chinese Embassy
August 22, 2008

Audio Recording of Telephone Call with Dr. Lu Guoping, Minzu Hospital of Guangxi Autonomous Region, China
Time of the telephone call: 2006-05-22
Audio file 录音文件下载(12 MB): 2006-05-22-Dr.Lu-guangximinzuyiyuan.mp3 *
录音文字原文 Chinese Transcription: Guangxi-mingzu-ch.pdf English Translation of the Transcription: Guangxi-mingzu-en.pdf

*Note: to protect the caller's identity, the caller's voice has been modified.

Phoenix TV Interview with Dr. Lu Guoping

    This video of the interview of Lu Guoping was produced in Hong Kong and distributed by the Government of China embassies and consulates. The video has official Government of China sanction. It is impossible to understand the point we are trying to make by viewing the video in isolation. The video provides evidence in support of our report only when considered in conjunction with our audio of the same Lu Guoping.
    In our audio, the doctor admits that he and his colleagues in Guangxi used to go to prison to select Falun Gong practitioners for involuntary organ donations which were used in transplants. He refers the caller to another hospital in Guangzhou which he says has nationwide access to Falun Gong organs at a "wholesale" price.
    In the TV video, the doctor admits that he was the person interviewed in the audio recording but denies, when presented with a transcript, that he said what our audio records him as saying. Yet, on the audio, what the doctor denies saying is interspersed seamlessly with what the doctor admits saying. Once the doctor, in the video, admits to saying most of what is in the audio, the conclusion that he said everything he is recorded on the audio as saying is inevitable. Only through video and the audio in combination do we have the admitted implication of this doctor and his hospital in Guangxi in the organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners and the hospital in Guangzhou in the nationwide organ sourcing of Falun Gong practitioners.





English Subtitles of the TV interview (英文字幕):  subtitles-DVD-interview-Lu.pdf

Video of the TV interview with Dr. Lu Guoping is available upon request.

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